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Consulting Services

We excel in providing sound advice and ideas to help you ensure the security of your digital investments. Our security experts can assist you in starting from scratch and developing a custom security design for your needs. Moreover, we can enable you to secure your systems and prevent unauthorized access with our identity and access management consulting.

Our company is also known for advice on business continuity and helps you develop the right strategy for disaster recovery. We even provide consultation to protect your data and prevent costly situations like data leaks.

We have got you covered through end-point security consultation to help you rest your worries. Our team even offers advice on email protection to safeguard all your accounts.

You can stand apart from the crowd by choosing us as your security experts. Running a successful business mandates strict security, and we are here to ensure it.


Security Assessment

Our security assessments can be a game changer for your company. You might not be aware of the loopholes in your IT architectures that cyber-criminals may exploit. The loss can be dangerous and even mean a decline in your clients.

Worry not, as our experienced security team performs accurate security assessments to identify any vulnerability in your systems. Our services include vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, devices, networks, and infrastructures.

Additionally, we can assess your network and endpoint configurations to ensure you leave no stones unturned. Our security assessments also cover wireless networks, complete with advanced penetration testing.

We also work with cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure, GCP, and more and review your infrastructure and server components. Our security experts even review security policies to ensure you build a robust architecture.

If there is any vulnerability, we will bring it to your notice.

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Risk Management & Compliance

Growing businesses need to manage risks like a pro to prevent any hindrance to the process. However, they must also ensure compliance with internal and external standards. Poor compliance may even mean an exit from the market for some organisations.

We come with a team of seasoned security professionals adept at risk management and compliance. From security assessments to identifying hazards to analysing gaps for better performance, you are welcome to choose our service.

Moreover, we can help you develop a tailored risk remediation plan to implement right away. Our team can even lend a helping hand during risk mitigation to ensure the best outcomes. We also have profound security advisors who always act as your guide to keep your boat afloat during stormy nights.

Whether meeting compliance or managing risks, our industry exposure is bound to come in handy for your project.

Cyber Governance

A sound cybersecurity governance program ensures your business can meet its strategic goals. Additionally, it defines how you manage risks and the controls you put in place to support your strategies.

Security and Compliance Solutions performs various audits based on national and international standards. Our audits go a long way to building trust and help improve your reputation in the market. Some of our cyber governance programs include:

  • ISMS audits (based on ISO 27001: 2013)
  • Implementation and security control management based on NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and more
  • Data privacy audits based on GDPR

Moreover, we help you implement cybersecurity frameworks, guidelines, and policies and resolve challenges along the way. Our team can also conduct cybersecurity awareness programs to reduce risk and make your establishment more resilient.

We can start right now on your project. So, call us to discuss your requirements.

IT Infrastructure Services & Assessments

A secure infrastructure is the foundation of a booming business. You can never expect to outpace the competition unless your IT foundation is unquestionable.

We are the best experts in town, offering IT infrastructure assessments and services. We comb your architecture for any security threats and ensure to keep prying eyes at bay. You can trust us for complete IT service management and let us handle all the essential responsibilities.

Our team can perform assessments for various components of your architecture to create a foolproof system. The list includes network design & planning and network operation centre (NOC) services to secure any ingoing or outgoing data or requests.

In addition, we provide complete mail management that comes with Office 365 migration. Another popular service is our performance assessments to determine whether you meet your desired outcomes.

We are a one-stop solution for all IT infrastructure security requirements.

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Managed Security Services

Our managed security service is highly popular with our clients. We have proven our success rate by securing the interests of businesses from a plethora of industries. We can run a full-fledged security operations centre (SOC) to make sure security never becomes an afterthought. We are always here to help you manage any security issues you might face.

Best of all, our security information and event management (SIEM) service make you proactive at threat hunting. You can also develop complete visibility into where you stand and the areas for improvement.

In addition, we manage all hazards and get your business up and running with our remediation and mitigation services. You can sleep peacefully knowing we are always proactively keeping a watch on your systems.

There is nothing to worry about when you put us in charge of your cybersecurity.

Web Design & Development

The web design and development service emphasizes the innate interconnection of providing quality digital services that align with your end-users needs.

To begin with, we seek to know your brand, its aims, and the intended audience so that it is no longer about impressive appearance alone but also maximum efficiency. The development team of ours makes sure that the website is easy to use, mobile-friendly, and loads quickly, implementing it using advanced web technologies. SEO-friendly design is also a priority for us so that your site can receive every chance to rank highly and win traffic.

We believe your website works as a reflection of who you are; therefore, we develop custom services, both for e-commerce websites and corporate ones, to help you stand out above your competitors.

E-commerce Development

The development of e-commerce is one activity at the center of online retail success. We focus on designing smart and interactive online stores with personalization, scalability, and security features to offer an easy shopping experience.

We know that working with different e-commerce platforms, like WooCommerce or Shopify, makes your website easy and works well with multiple payment methods. No headache about product management; we got you covered.

Our integration of sophisticated AI, intelligent-driven recommendations, user analytics, and inventory secured by smart technologies enables you to scrutinize customer behavior and improve operational efficiency. We want to create an e-commerce platform that goes beyond just driving sales and also grows customer trust.

Digital Marketing Services

In the field of digital marketing, we provide an all-encompassing approach that includes both online branding and generation capabilities.

We offer SEO services that ensure your website ranks well in search results, web design and development, as well as PPC advertising to gain instant traffic updates online and through social media marketing. We also do content and email marketing, which addresses creating value for the audience, capturing their attention, retaining their loyalty, and maintaining meaningful direct communication with the clients.

We aim at providing a strong and stable online brand complete with visibility and better conversion of visitors into loyal customers, thereby restoring the positive image of your brand.

Elevate your brand’s potential with our premier Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata. Begin your journey to success today!

Planning, Designing, and Upgrading complex, Geographically dispersed, enterprise IT infrastructure environments.

Modernize IT infrastructure to align with client business portfolios and service-level requirements.

Managing complex IT Infrastructure and developing scalable enterprise technology strategies across multiple platforms.

Experience with Client Server, Cloud computing (Private, Public, and Hybrid) and enterprise collaboration technologies.

Demonstrated success in major technology innovation engagements for enterprise clients.

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